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Boston-Indiana, Boston-Kentucky, Boston-New York,
Boston-Ohio, Boston-Pennsylvania, Boston-Texas, And Boston-Virginia.

Most Wanted & Crime Stoppers

Art Theft - World's Most Wanted Art
Australia Crime Stoppers - National site
Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers
Boston Police Crime Stoppers
Calgary Crime Stoppers
Central New York Crime And Safety
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (NC) Crime Stoppers
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (NC) Wanted Page
Chicago's Most Wanted
Cincinnati Crime Stoppers Most Wanted
The Crime Files
CrimeStoppers International
Deadbeat Dads and Moms in America
Delaware's Most Wanted
Derby, Kansas Crime Stoppers
District of Cochrane CrimeStoppers, Northeastern Ontario
East Coast Robbery = $50,000.00 Reward!
Efterlyst online
Faces of Fame
FBI's Ten Most Wanted
Florida's Most Wanted Fugitives
Fort Lauderdale Police Department Wanted
Framingham Police Department Wanted
Fraser Valley British Columbia's Most Wanted
Fugitive Hunter
Fugitive Watch
Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers
Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers
Harlingen TX Police Fugitive Home Page
High Point, North Carolina Crimestoppers
Hong Kong Police Reward Notices
Houston Unofficial Crimestoppers Web Site
Illinois State Police Most Wanted Gang Members
Illinois State Police Most Wanted Violent Felons
Indiana Crime Stoppers
Lancaster County NE Active Warrants
Manchester CT Police 10 Most Wanted
Maryland's Most Wanted
Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted
Mat Su Crime Stoppers
Mobile, AL Area CrimeStoppers
Most Wanted and Criminal Investigations
MostWanted.Org: Wanted listings for all U.S. States and world wide!
Myrtle Beach SC Most Wanted
Nashville's Most Wanted
New York's 12 Most Wanted
New South Wales, Australia, Crime Stoppers
N.Y.P.D. Wanted Persons
North Shore Drug Task Force Most Wanted
Ontario, Windsor and Essex County Crime Stoppers
Orange County FL Sheriff's Office Most Wanted
Other Crime Stoppers Sites
Pennsylvania State Police Ten Most Wanted List
Pikes Peak Area (CO) Crime Stoppers
Richland County SC Sheriff's Office, Murder Suspect Wanted
RCMP Air India Bombing Disaster
RCMP Most wanted
Sacramento CA Sheriffs Most Wanted
Search for the World's Most Wanted Art
Sioux Falls NET, Inc., Crime Stoppers
Soldotna AK Police Department Crime Stoppers
SC Department of Corrections Most Wanted
Suffolk County N.Y. Police Department Most Wanted
Taos NM Crimestoppers
Tarrant County TX Most Wanted
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Most Wanted
Tyler-Smith TX County Crimestoppers
US Customs - Most Wanted
U.S. Department of State Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program
U.S. Most Wanted Criminals
US Postal Inspector Service Wanted Posters
Utah Dept. of Corrections Most Wanted
Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers
Western Australian Police Service Crime Stoppers
Where Are They, Inc.
Wichita/Sedgwick County KS Crime Stoppers
Yakima County WA Crime Stoppers

Corrections Resource Sites
American Correctional Association
American Jail Association
Association of Oregon Correctional Employees
Autonomous Corrections
Correctional Officers' Association of Ontario (COAO)
Corrections Connection
Corrections and Law Enforcement Club
Corrections USA
Correctional Officer Connection
Correctional Officers Informational Page
Corrections Network
International Association of Correctional Officers
National Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology Center
Prisons and Prison Law
The Wall Tower

Correction Officer Associations
Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
Broome County Correction Officers Union
California Correctional Peace Officer Assoc.
COBA - Correction Officers' Benevolent Association of New York
Middlesex County NJ Corrections Officers Local PBA 152
NY Corrections Local 1041
New York State Corrections and Police Benevolent Association

Correction Departments
Arizona Department of Corrections
Brunei Prison Department
California Board of Corrections
California Department of Corrections
Florida Corrections Commission
Florida Department of Corrections
Illinois Department of Corrections
Japan Correction Bureau
Massachusetts Department of Corrections
Minnesota Department of Corrections
Multnomah County OR Corrections
New York State Department of Correctional Services
New Zealand Department of Corrections
Northern Territory Correctional Services, Australia
Oklahoma State Department of Corrections
Oregon Corrections
Scottish Prison Service
Washtenaw County MI Community Corrections

Grant Information
Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)
COPS Grants
Department of Justice Grants Grant Overview

Miscellaneous Criminal Justice Resources
AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center
Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page
Center for International Legal Studies
CINet - The Crime Information Network
Crime Statistics Website by Schekall
Court Related Web Sites
Criminal Investigation - CJ 243
The Criminal Justice Archive
Criminal Justice Institute - Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock
CSU, Stanislaus Criminal Justice Links
Department of Criminal Justice Studies, Kent State University
Effective Search and Seizure
FLAC (For Legally Abused Citizens)
FSU Law Directory
Home Office Police Research Group, Criminal Justice Resources
Home Office Research and Statisics Directorate, Criminal Justice Resources
Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR)
IACP Police Use of Force Data Base Project
Indiana University at South Bend Criminal Justice Association
International Criminal Justice Resource Center
Ira Wilsker's Legal Sites
Kentucky Dept. of Public Advocacy Criminal Law Links
Law and Politics Internet Guide
The Legal List, WWW Legal Directory
Mega-Links in Criminal Justice
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Center for State Courts Home Page
National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
National Crime Prevention Council On-Line Resource Center
National Fraud Information Center
National Public Safety Information Bureau
New Jersey Law Network
Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization
Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center
Public Agenda Online, Criminal Justice Resources
Rominger Legal On-line Research
Safer Places
St. Mary's University of Minn Criminal Justice homepage
US crime statistics by state

Employment Resource Sites:

Cop Spot Employment
Cops 2 Be, Public Safety
Ira Wilsker's Job Listings
Law Enforcement Employment Page
OnPatrol Magazine Employment Listings
The Security Jobs Network
Women Peace Officers Association Job Listings


General Investigations
There are hundreds of databases on The Web that you can access for your investigation. The following three sites have large collections of links to such databases :
Dave Guss's Webgator
Investigative Resources International
Corporate Investigative Services
Net-Trace Investigation Resources

Law Research
American Law Sources on Line (ALSO)

The Law Engine

Thomas - U.S. Congress on the Internet
- By the Library of Congress, excellent resource for researching and tracking what's currently being legislated

More Helpful Sites
N.E.W.S. Stand U.S.A.:
Links to newspapers online.
MapQuest and Lycos Roadmaps detailed maps and directions.
Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance: - Grant money!
Crime Statistics Website by Schekall: Understanding and finding statistics.

For info on Drugs:
Drug-Free Resource Net
Publishers Group Drug Identification and Information Page.

Search Engines and Directories:

Alta Vista:The biggest, fastest, and best one out there. Lets you search for exact matches on phrases by putting them in quotes.(i.e., "fixing broken windows")

Lycos: This one is also very good. Not as big and fast as Alta Vista, but very good at pulling in lots of relevant hits.

Excite NetSearch: Just as big as Lycos, almost as good, and searches Usenet newsgroups, too.

InfoSeek:Not as huge as the two above, but very high relevancy. Also searches Usenet newsgroups and non-Internet databases.

Deja News:Searches Usenet Newsgroups. This is an outstanding resource for finding real people out there who have knowledge of a countless variety of topics.

Yahoo:This is actually a Directory, not a search engine. It does have a searchable database though, so it works in a similar fashion.

Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides at the University of Michigan. This is actually a directory of topic specific directories.

All-in-One Search Page. This web site combines the resources of dozens of search engines, more than you'll ever need.

How to find anything on the WWW...

Once you get good at using the search engines and directories listed above, nothing on the internet will escape you. Here are some tips for using these resources more effectively:

Use more than one search engine. It's very common that you'll find web sites with one search engine that are totally different from the sites you found on another.
Read the instructions. These sites all have Help pages you can access to make sure you're doing it right. They each have slightly different rules for how you can search. If you're only going to use one word for your search criteria, you don't have to worry about it, but if you want to really refine your search, you should learn when to use "AND", "OR", "NEAR" and "NOT", if appropriate, with multiple word searches.
Use synonyms. If your looking for drug sites try searching by narcotics, contraband and paraphernalia as well.
Watch your spelling, and try variations of spellings like Neonazi, neo-Nazi, and neo Nazi

WWW Resource Sites
Alverdens Politi Links
Beretta Leadership Bulletin
California Lutheran University
Cecil Greek's Law Enforcement Agencies on the Web
CLEW - CA Law Enforcement on the WWW
Crime Information Network (CINet)
Criminal Justice And Forensic Science Related Links
Criminal Justice Mega-Links
Cop-Net and the Police Resource List: Includes a restricted LEO only section.
Cops On Line
Cops Online New Zealand
CSU, Stanislaus Criminal Justice Links
Dutch Police Pages
Emergency Resource Directory: Includes Fire resources
Emergency Response & Research Institute: - includes police, fire, and EMS resources.
Eurocop, Valkenswaard-Waalre, NL
Florida Law Enforcement
Ira Wilsker's Police Page:
Law/EMS Links of Ohio
Law Enforcement Index Page
Law Enforcement Links
Law Enforcement Online, Pima College DPS
Law and Politics Internet Guide
The LEO Pages
Mega-Links in Criminal Justice
Microsoft Justice & Public Safety Internet Site
Missouri Law Enforcement OnLine
National Criminal Intelligence Service
NAVCOPS Network - Naval Law Enforcement
North Carolina Comprehensive Law Enforcement Directory
North Carolina Comprehensive Law Enforcement Directory
North Carolina Police Resources Page
Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC)
The Ohio Blue Pages
Operation Open Heart
Pic's Law Enforcement and Military Links
PoliceNet Free Web Sites for Law Enforcement Agencies.
Police Central Dispatch
Police and Fire Command Center
The Police Link
Police-portal, Netherlands
PolitieNet, Netherlands
Polnet (Scotland)
Prosecuting Attorney & District Attorney Listings, by Eaton County MI P.A.
Texas Law Enforcement Links
Vermont SP Directory of State Patrol and State Police Sites
West Arm Consulting Services Law Enforcement Links
Wyoming Law Enforcement Links
Yahoo's Crime/Law Enforcement Directory

Community Policing Resources
Carolinas Institute for Community Policing
Chicago Police Department, Community Policing
Community Policing Consortium
Community Policing Pages
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office's Sheriff's Advisory Councils (SHADCOs)
Maryville TN Police Department Community Policing Unit
New England Community-Police Partnership
NJ Regional Community Policing Institute
New Orleans Police Department Community Oriented Policing Squad
Southeastern Community Oriented Policing Education (SCOPE) Institute
Tasmania Police Community Policing, Australia
U.S. D.O.J. Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
Wisconsin Association of Community Oriented Police


Resources for Forensics Officers
Alabama Dept. of Forensic Sciences
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
American Board of Criminalistics
American College of Forensic Examiners
American Society of Crime Lab Directors
Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction
Beijing Institute of Forensic Medicine & Science
California Association of Criminalists
California Criminalistics Institute Forensic Library
Carpenter's Forensic Science Links
Colorado Association of Property & Evidence Technicians
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Photography
Delaware State Police Crime Lab
Florida Association of Chemical Testers
Forensic Art Home Page
Forensic Associates
Forensic Document Examiner's Page
Forensic Entomology
Forensic Hair Comparison using neural networks
Forensic Investigation and Human Identification Society (FIHIS)
Forensic Media
Forensic Science(Gov.)
Forensic Science Communications - Federal Bureau of Investigation, Laboratory Division
Forensic Science International
Forensic Science Network, Dr. Joe Davis
Forensic Science Resources
Forensic Science Society Home Page
Forensic Science Technology
Forensics Sites on the Net, St. Mary's University
Forensic Web Home Page
Goddard, Ken: CSI & Forensics Fiction
Government Laboratory Forensic Science Division, Hong Kong
Greenville County SC Forensics Division
Groningen Police, Netherlands, Forensic Science Dept.
International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts
International Assoc. for Identification, California Div.
International Association for Identification, Iowa Division
International Association for Identification, Pennsylvania State Division
Investigative Psychology Research Unit, University of Liverpool
The JMA Forensics Home Page
Michigan-Ontario Identification Association
Michigan State Police - Forensic Science Division
National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Lab
Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists
Nottingham Pathology Home Page
Orange County FL Sheriff, Forensic Artist
Psycho-geographical Profiling
Reddy's Forensic Home Page
US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (CID)
Washington Evidence Technicians Association
Wesley Neville's Forensic Art Home Page
Wound Ballistics, Fackler
Wound Ballistics, graphs (FTP)Wesley Neville's Forensic Art Home Page


Resources for Fraud Units
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
El Paso County CO Regional Check Fraud Unit
F.T.C., Online Scams
National Fraud Information Center
Fraud Information Center
MLM Credit Bureau
Saint John NB Police Fraud Unit
US Customs Fraud Enforcement Program

Resources for Gang Units
18th Judicial District East AR Drug Task Force
Alejandro A. Alonso, Geographer on L.A. Gangs
Bibliography of books and documents on juvenile gangs.
Broward County FL Multi-Agency Gang Task Force
California Gang Investigator's Association
The Coroner's Report
Curtis High School Gang Handbook
Dearborn Police Department Gang Intervention Unit
Dodge City Police Department Gang Detail
Dubuque Community Taskforce on Gangs, Drugs, & Youth Violence
Federal Gang Violence Act
Florida Gang Investigators Association
Gang Awareness Page
Gang Expert and Consultant
GANGS - Chicago Crime Commission
G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education And Training)
Illinois State Police Gang Information
International Association of Asian Crime Investigators
Juvenile Justice and Gangs
Kennewick WA Police Department Street Gang Awareness
L.A. Times article on 18th St. Gang, 11/17/96
Midland TX Police Department Gang Unit
Mothers Against Gangs
Multi-Agency Gang Task Force, Broward County, FL
National Major Gang Task Force
National Youth Gang Center
NYPD Gang Unit
Not My Kid-Gang Awareness for Parents
Oklahoma Gang Investigators' Association
Rialto (CA) Street Crime Attack Team (S.C.A.T.)
Salinas CA Police Department - Violence Suppression Unit
Scottsdale (AZ) Police Department, Gang & Youth Unit
South Eastern Connecticut Gang Activities Group
Texas Gang Investigators Association
The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
Youth Gangs Out of Control - Family Research Council
Wood County (OH) Gang Task Force

Anti-Graffiti Web Page and Graffiti Links
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
Art Crimes - U.S.A.
CompuColor's Anti Graffiti Page
El Reflector
Fat Caps - Chicago
Graf Cafe' - Boston Grafitti
The Graffiti Links Page
Italy's Graffiti Page
National Graffiti Information Network
Operation Clean Sweep (Los Angelas)
Philadelphia's Graffiti Vandals on Notice
Swiss Graffiti Gallery
University of Cincinnati Police Graffiti


Resources for Intelligence Officers
American Intelligence Study Group
Delaware State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit
Intelligence and CounterIntelligence (kim-spy)
Iowa Intelligence Bureau
Israeli SecurityInformation
London Marine Intelligence Team
National Criminal Intelligence Service
Nebraska Law Enforcement Intelligence Network
St. Louis MO Metropolitan Police Department, Intelligence Division
Terrorism Research Center
TSCM.COM Counterintelligence Home Page
United States Intelligence Community
Virginia Criminal Intelligence Association (VALID)

Resources Internal Affairs
Annapolis MD Police Internal Affairs
Brunei Anti-Corruption Bureau
Charleston County SC Sheriff's Office of Internal Affairs
Dallas TX Police Department Internal Affairs Division
Decatur IL Police Department Professional Standards Division
Dover DE Police Department Internal Affairs
Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong
Independent Commission Against Corruption, NSW, Australia
Police Internal Investigations Auditing Committee, Portland
Wichita KS Police Department Internal Affairs

Marine Patrol, Harbor Patrol, Dive Teams
Auckland New Zealand Police Maritime Unit
Charleston County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol
Clark County WA Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol Unit
Clinton, MA., Underwater Recovery
Delaware State Police SCUBA Unit
Dive Rescue Long Island Sound
Douglas County OR Sheriff Marine Patrol
Emergency Services Diving Association
Gold Coast Water Police, Gold Coast Australia
Hong Kong Marine Police
International Police Diver Symposium
Japanese Maritime Safety Agency (JMSA)
Kenosha County WI Sheriff's Department Marine Unit
Kingston MA Harbormaster
Knox County Sheriff's Dept. Dive Team
La Paz County AZ Sheriff's Office Boating Safety Div.
Lake Travis TX Patrol Boat
Lee's Summit MO Underwater Recovery
London, Marine Intelligence Team
Marine Law Enforcement Training
Marine Patrol Association
Missouri State Water Patrol
National Academy Police Diving
New Hampshire Marine Patrol Officers Association
Oklahoma Lake Patrol
Placer County Sheriff's Department Marine Patrol
Public Safety Diver Page
Salem MA Police Dive Team
Salem MA Police Harbormaster
San Marcos Area Recovery Team - SMART
Shasta County CA Sheriff's Office Boating Safety Unit
SMART Divers - San Marcos Area Recovery Team
Suffolk Police NY Marine Bureau
Toledo Police Department Harbor Patrol
U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Bulletin
Wrentham MA Department of the Harbormaster


Sexual Assault
California Sexual Assault Investigators Association
Child Rape statistics
Child Sexual Abuse
Chittenden VT Unit for Special Investigations
Florida Department of Law Enforcement, sex offender database
Florida Sex Crimes Investigators Association
Howard County Sexual Assault Center, Inc.
NC Sex Offender Registry
PedoWatch International
Prisoner Rape
Sexual Assault Information Page Index
Sex Laws, U.S. and Canadian
Sex Offender Registration Databases Online

Traffic Division Resources
Accident Reconstruction Calculator
Accident Reconstructionist and Criminalist, Chris Wagoner.
Australasian & South Pacific Association of Collision Investigators
Decatur GA Police Department Traffic Safety Unit
DeKalb County (GA) Police STAR (Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction) Team
Delaware State Police Fatal Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Team
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Gainesville Police Department Traffic Unit
Illinois Association Technical Accident Investigators
Institute of Police Technology and Management - Traffic Investigations and Enforcement
Michigan Storm
Motor Vehicle Certification Program
Motor Vehicle Occupant Fatality and Injury Rates by Age Group, 1975-1997
National Traffic Highway Safety Administration
Northwestern University Traffic Institute
OHP Rabbit's Page
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Integrated Traffic Camera Unit
Sobriety Trained Officers Representing Mississippi
Signal-1 DUI & Traffic Education and Enforcement
Speed Camera Program, Austrailia
Thai Highway Police
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin (TARO)
Traffic Enforcement
Traffic Training Team
UNC Highway Safety Research Ctr


Training and Education
Advanced Law Enforcement Training Division, Fort McClellan
Alameda County Sheriffs Office Regional Training Center
Amarillo (TX) Police Academy
ASLET 12 Int'l Training Seminar & Law Enforcement Expo
Association of Training Officers of Minnesota
Boston Police Academy
California Law Enforcement Training Resources
Canadian Police College
Central Police University, Taiwan
Chattanooga Police Department - Training Division
1994 Chicago Police Lieutenant's Test
Collin County TX Law Enforcement Academy
Computer Based Police Training: On-Campus and Distance Learning Applications
Colorado Mountain College Law Enforcement Training Academy
Connecticut Police Academy
Criminal Justice Institute
Criminal Justice Training Authority, San Juan County, New Mexico
Extended Basic Academy
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Glenn Howell's Training Callendar
Gloucester County NJ Police Academy
Hampton Roads Regional Academy of Criminal Justice
Heart of TX Police Academy
Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy
Illinois Law Enforcement Media Resource Center
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
Indonesian Police Academy
Institute of Professional Development
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
Kenneth A. Bragg Regional Public Safety Training Center
Korea National Police University
Law enforcement Academy Links
Law Enforcement Training Managers Association
Law Enforcement Training Specialist
The Leadership Explosion
Los Medanos College Public Safety Trainig Center
Lousiana State University Office of Government Programs
Maine Criminal Justice Academy
MD Police & Correctional Training Commissions
Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council
McLennan County Tx Sheriff's Department Training Division
Ministry of Defence Police, Salisbury Plain Training Area
Missouri - Law Enforcement Training Institute
National Police College (Sweden)
The New Blue Line. -The Making of a Virginia Beach police officer
National Police College, South Korea
New England Institute of Law Enforcement Management, Babson College
North Carolina Justice Academy
North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy
South Carolina Police Corps
Northeast Alabama Police Academy
Northeast Police Academy
Online Police Academy
Orange County CA Sheriff's Dept. Tactical Training Center
Oregon Board on Public Safety Standards & Training
Organized Crime Registry
Palm Beach County, FL Sheriff's Office Bureau of Training
Penn State - Continuing & Distance Education
Police Services Preparatory Academy of Canada
Police Training Institute
Policeschool - Antwerp, Belgium
Poliisikoulu (Police School), Finland
Politihøgskolen National Police Academy, Norway
Rappahannock VA Regional Criminal Justice Academy
Rhode Island Law Enforcement Training Clearinghouse
Rio Hondo Regional Training Center
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Saskatchewan, In-Service Training
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Learning & Development Branch, Ontario
Royal Malaysia Customs Academy
Selection and Training - Nashville Metro PD
Saint Anselm College Law Enforcement Association
St. Louis MO County & Municipal Police Academy
Sarasota Criminal Justice Academy
The Scottish Police College, Scotland
Shively (KY) Police Cadet Training Unit
Singapore Police Force Training Command (TRACOM)
Southwestern College Basic Police Academy
Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute
St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy
Taiwan Police Academy
Traffic Training Team, Baltimore County Police
TX Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) (State POST)
Thai Police Cadet Academy
Transportation Safety Training Center - VCU
Uganda Police Training Planning Unit
U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement School
US Marine Corps Military Police School, Ft McClellan, AL
Ventura County CA Police and Sheriff's Reserve Academy
Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council
Wa State Criminal Justice Training Commission
Waubonsee Community College IL Criminal Justice Program
West Los Angeles College, Admin. of Justice
WPOA Training Page